In the Heart of Himalayas….


©Yatinder Kumar
Bliss feeling when i was here. Looking up to it high up high…. Place where i surrendered myself to this paradise. Alone in the hills, far away from everything… i was me, only me. Didn’t know where the roads leads to, no end, no destination… Closing my eyes, feeling the heart beat & saying yes i am alive. I belong here…..
Mountains have been a place for me where i go, relieve & rejuvenate myself. Mountains are my source of energy. Surrendering myself to these mystic peaks. Getting lost in the fog, back to where i know myself again, where i am heading to… Where my life leading.. Journey to come by, knowing my life wont last forever. I have to go someday… Wish to be here forever…..
A Soul Apart……
Yatinder Kumar
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2 Responses to In the Heart of Himalayas….

  1. Suchreet Kaur says:

    amazing ….!!

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